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A bright new ceiling for 80% less

When last did you look up at your suspended ceiling? It's true that - unless there's an obvious problem - ceilings don't typically gain much attention. But, we'd encourage you to take a good long look at yours because stained or broken ceilings have a huge impact on how your workspace is perceived and can determine both client impressions and employee well-being.

Let's take a look at your ceiling.

  • Has dust accumulated?

  • Is there water damage?

  • Are the tiles discoloured?

  • Are the tiles mismatched from previous replacements?

  • Is the structure sound?

Bright Ceiling can help you restore your ceiling to new for 80% less than what it would cost you to replace it.

Bright Ceiling - A bright new ceiling for 80% less
Bright Ceiling cleans, recoats or replaces tiles and repairs ceiling structures.

Here's how you save with Bright Ceiling

The table below shows typical costs of replacing the two most common types of ceiling tile, and how much Bright Ceiling's service is in comparison:

Save money AND time

Not only does Bright Ceiling offer the best rates in South Africa, they also promise you quick completion and flexible scheduling, ensuring the least possible disruption to your business.

The service is conducted with ceiling tiles still in position and scheduled to fit your business needs. Work is often completed overnight or over the weekend to avoid downtime.

Get a free assessment

Bright Ceiling offers you a free assessment, along with a demonstration of the methods and processes used to renew your ceiling. If you'd like an evaluation and expert opinion on the best value treatment options in line with your budget; drop Charlson Moyo an email on or phone 011 056 6317.

Contact us for a bright new ceiling at the best possible price.

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