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Soffits and Ceiling voids

Commercial property owners are increasingly choosing not to install a suspended ceiling, and rather to leave the soffit, or ceiling void, open.


In cases where a suspended ceiling has been installed, it can be easily refurbished by spraying in order to create a fresh appearance within the building.

However, in buildings where a ceiling void has not been covered, a much more affordable alternative is to spray the soffit itself. 

ceiling voids cleaning spraying painting

Spraying ceiling voids will:

Give your interior an aesthetically appealing appearance

Improve the look of the voids, regardless of the different materials present (plastic, concrete, galvanised metal and fibre glass)

Leave your pipes and wiring trays looking brand new

Save space and money - no need to install suspended ceilings for a pleasant, contemporary look

We operate a highly trained crew, who are used to working in office and commercial spaces.

We offer flexible scheduling (nights and weekends) to ensure minimal disruption to your business.



Cleaning is a part of the preparation work done before spraying:

  1. When there is flaking paint to be scraped

  2. When galvanised metal ducting is present - the galvaniser is washed off with a specialist cleaning solution

ceiling voids cleaning



Spraying ceiling voids involves application of paint.

In cases when the void has not been painted in the past, a water-based primer is applied before a layer of paint. The primer is also applied to any metal work, such as pipes and trays.

ceiling voids spraying painting

Depending on the condition of the void, our team can spray 1000-2000 sqm per day.


Price per sqm


Ceiling Voids

Concrete Ceilings

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