Cladding is an outer layer of either vertical or horizontal material, attached to the structure of a building.

Cladding must have sufficient strength and stiffness, as it plays a crucial role in protecting the building from external conditions, providing security, sound-proofing the premises, providing thermal insulation, preventing the spread of fire and so on.

Being an exterior surface, cladding is susceptible to  weathering. Harsh atmospheric conditions such as heavy winds, storms, snow and ice can all cause long term damage that can go unnoticed. Cladding can also suffer from the growth of moss, algae and lichens that not only look unsightly but can also damage over time. Another risk are airborne pollutants, which can eat at the surface, causing scarring and creating weak spots.

It is clear then, that providing regular, adequate maintenance to cladding surfaces is essential for prolonging the durability of cladding and thus ensuring it serves its many, highly important purposes.

Spraying the cladding will:

1. Give the exterior of your building a fresh, attractive guise

​2. Improve its weather-resistance

3. Maintain its thermal insulation properties

4. Ensure it's continuously fit to maintain the highest safety conditions of the premises

We operate a highly trained crew, who are used to working in office and commercial spaces.

As we often do our work when whiteboxing or broader renovations are taking place, we’re used to working with other contractors in a coordinated way.

We offer flexible scheduling (nights and weekends) to ensure minimal disruption to your business.



Cleaning is a part of the preparation work done before spraying. It's necessary to remove the accumulated dust, dirt, grime and rust before applying spray paint.

cladding cleaning



Spraying the cladding involves application of spray paint.

To secure a spotless surface, a layer of primer is applied before the paint to areas impacted by rust.

cladding painting

Depending on the condition of the cladding, our team can spray 500-1000 sqm per day.