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Suspended ceilings

Ceilings are one of the most overlooked areas of a commercial facility. They are forgotten until they’re so damaged they require replacement. Unfortunately, replacements can be quite expensive, while cleaning can save you up to 80%. Soiled ceilings are not just an eyesore. They’re a health hazard. Even though dirt, grease and dust take a long time to build up, they contribute to indoor air pollution, endangering health, as ceilings can easily spread the pollutants across the entire facility. 

We offer chemical cleaning, recoating and replacing of suspended ceilings.


Whether it’s a vinyl, metal or an acoustic tile ceiling, we’ve got the right maintenance service for you.

Regular maintenance:

Improves appearance

Extends the lifespan of ceiling tiles

Ensures a healthier and safer environment

Sanitises surfaces and removes smell

We have designed treatments to cover a wide range of client needs, including the following common considerations:

1.    Ceiling Tiles:

a. Dirty through airborne dust, grease, smoke or finger marks, often with higher concentrations around air diffusers
b. Scratched, chipped or broken tiles
c. Water damaged
d. Mismatched tiles, where different tile types have been installed in the same area
e. New colour required

2.    T-bars

a. Dirty
b. Sagging
c. Broken

We can clean, spray, fix and replace t-bars.

3.    Air diffusers

a. Dirty

On arrival at the site, we cover walls, light fittings, and floors (when recoating). We operate a highly trained crew, who are used to working in office and commercial spaces.

As we often do our work when whiteboxing or broader renovations are taking place, we’re used to working with other contractors in a coordinated way.

We offer flexible scheduling (nights and weekends) to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Chemical cleaning


Our non-toxic SABS-approved chemicals remove grease and dirt from most suspended ceiling tiles.

Cleaning is best used on vinyl or metal tiles, and is cheaper than replacement by 80%. It is also 50% cheaper than recoating, on average.​

We clean your ceiling tiles in position, along with the t-bars and air diffusers in the ceiling. This means there is minimal disruption and no unnecessary mess, as we do not take the tiles down.

One crew can clean up to 1000sqm per day, depending on tile type and layout.




Recoating is a specialist paint application to the tiles while they remain in the ceiling.

We spray an acoustic paint onto the entire ceiling without removing the tiles.​

When it comes to acoustic (porous) tiles, this is the preferred type of maintenance, as they don’t respond well to cleaning. Recoating gives consistent results and retains the acoustic properties of your ceiling tiles.

Our specially-formulated acoustic paint is non-bridging to the tiles and grid.

This treatment is usually recommended when ceiling tiles were installed at different times, or have deeply ingrained, uneven dirt or water marks.

The paint is most commonly white, but we can adjust it to any desired colour.

See our recoating video, to understand the process and see typical outstanding results.

One crew can recoat up to 1000sqm per day, depending on tile type and layout.




We offer a full replacement service, for the whole ceiling, or just the tiles affected.


Although we will always recommend the cheapest service to make your ceilings look great, some ceiling tiles are too dirty, water marked, cracked or sagging.​

We remove old ceiling tiles, source replacement tiles, identical if still available, or recommend the closest match.

We can clean, recoat and replace t-bars and other fittings, as required, before installing the new tiles.

Where partial replacement is appropriate, we may also recommend repositioning existing tiles, to give the most consistent finish.


Price per sqm




Price per sqm

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