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Bright Ceiling announces a new service: A brighter future for ceiling voids.

Bright Ceiling has extended its promise of delivering a good-as-new ceiling at the best price in SA to include holistic cleaning and maintenance systems for ceiling voids (aka open ceilings).

Open ceilings have become increasingly popular in contemporary commercial and retail spaces. They’re modern; they add a sense of spaciousness; and – yes - they’re just too cool! Plus the choice of an open ceiling saves the labour, time and materials costs associated with installing a suspended ceiling.

But! An open ceiling does requires attention.

Dust and debris often accumulate on the exposed beams, ducts and conduits; becoming unsightly and creating air quality issues within the space. Routine cleaning enhances air quality, hygiene standards, and the aesthetics of the space.

Every now and then, you’ll need to repaint your ceiling void too. Over time it will discolour and need a refreshing coat of paint. Or you may have to replace ducting or piping to make changes or repairs to wiring, plumbing or air-conditioning. These alterations will need to be blended away to maintain the aesthetic of your open ceiling.

Bright Ceiling offers both Ceiling Void Cleaning and Ceiling Void Painting. Their customised high-pressure spray solution promises:

  • an easy and cost-effective way to brighten up your ceiling void

  • even colour across a variety of materials: metal, PVC, concrete, and more

  • a quick solution with no impact on the running of your business

Very flexible scheduling – with a crew working overnight or over weekends – ensures minimum disruption to your business. AND you’ll get the same competitive pricing and quality service you’ve come to expect from Bright Ceiling.

Contact Charlson at Bright Ceiling on 011 056 6317 or to discuss your ceiling void cleaning and repainting needs. He is sure to brighten your day.

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