Roof spraying is a maintenance that can make a substantial difference to the appearance of your property. Roof tiles which aren’t being looked after can detract from the look of a building. Unfortunately, due to access issues, the roof is generally the last area of consideration when it comes to property maintenance.

Roofs are very susceptible to constant weathering due to which they became growingly porous over time. This creates the favourable conditions for the accumulation of moss, rust and lichens on roof tiles. Over time, even the best roof tiles end up looking worn and scruffy.

Replacing the roof is not a viable option because of the expense, so it’s generally only done when a roof is damaged beyond repair. Roof spraying is a much quicker and more cost-effective alternative than replacing a roof.

Painting roofs gives old roof tiles a complete transformation. If roof tile painting is done by professionals it can make old roof tiles look like new again. Moreover, the roof paint protects the roof from the damaging effects of UV light and leaves it water-resistant. The previously porous roof tiles will be protected against further weathering.

roof cleaning and painting

Roof spraying will:

1. Make your roof look brand new and refined

​2. Extend the lifespan of your roof​

3. Save you money and heat energy

4. Make roofs weather resistant

5. Make roofs rust and moss resistant

6. Add value to your property

We operate a highly trained crew, who are used to working in office and commercial spaces.

As we often do our work when whiteboxing or broader renovations are taking place, we’re used to working with other contractors in a coordinated way.

We offer flexible scheduling (nights and weekends) to ensure minimal disruption to your business.



Cleaning is a part of the preparation work done before spraying. Our crew will make sure the surface is free of dirt, rust, moss and any other type of grime before the spraying commences. Cleaning is done using a high-pressure water.

roof cleaning



Once the surface of the roof is pristine, it is ready for spraying. Spraying consists of 2 steps:

  1. Waterproofing - a specialised membrane sealant is used to protect the roof surface 

  2. Painting - done using highly customisable colours

roof painting and spraying waterproofing

Depending on the condition of the roof, our crew can clean and spray up to 500 sqm per day.