Recoating is a specialist paint application to the tiles

while they remain in the ceiling.


This treatment is best for acoustic tiles, which do not respond to cleaning as well as vinyl or metal. Also, when ceiling tiles were installed at different times, or have ingrained, uneven dirt, or water marks, recoating gives consistent results.

Prior to applying the specialist paint using an airless sprayer, we cover floors, any ceiling furniture like sprinklers, and walls with plastic.

See our recoating video, to understand the process and see typical outstanding results. One crew can recoat up to 800sqm per day, depending on tile type and layout, and we offer flexible scheduling (overnight or at weekends, as necessary to minimise disruption).

Please contact us for a quotation and free demonstration on site.

Acoustic tiles: before and after recoating
T-bars and diffusers look like new too!

Acoustic tiles: before and after recoating …                           … the t-bars and diffuser look like new too!